FSHN Review

Section 1: Introduction and Nutrition and Health

Lecture 2: Introduction and Nutrition and Health

Lecture 3: Nutritional Adequacy and The Body

Lecture 4, 5: Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins, Lipids, and Water

Lecture 6: Micronutrients: Vitamins and Minerals

Lecture 7 Nutrients: Digestion and Absorption

Lecture 8, 9: Dietary Guidelines for Americans, Nutrition Facts Label, and My Plate

Section 2: Food Composition and Chemistry

Lecture 11: Food Chemistry: The Basics

Lecture 12: Water: Its Role in Life and in Foods

Lecture 13: Carbohydrates: Simple

Lecture 14: Carbohydrates: Complex

Lecture 15: Amino Acids: Protein Building Blocks

Lecture 16: Proteins: Structure and Functionality

Lecture 17: Enzymes: Biological Catalysts

Lectures 18, 19: Lipids: Structure, Properties, Types, and Uses

Section 3: Food Microbiology and Processing

Lecture 21: Food Processing: Preservation, New Ingredients, and New Products

Lecture 22: Microorganisms: Bacteria, Yeast, and Mold

Lecture 23: Microorganisms: Food Fermentation

Lecture 25: Microorganisms: Food-borne Illnesses

Lecture 27: Food Preservation: Refrigeration and Freezing

Lecture 28: Food Preservation: Thermal Processing

Lecture 29: Food Preservation: Water Removal

Section 4: Food Laws, Quality and the Consumer

Lectures 32, 33 and 34: Food Laws and Regulations